So this is a little story I wrote as a joke some time ago. Just go crazy with things. Little effort went into it. Whatever i pulled off the top of my head at that time made it here. Please enjoy. ___ Luke gave his wife-sister, Leia, a deep sensual kiss while Jean Luke Picard ushered him on to the Weatherlight. Dumbledor had bequeathed the marauders map on Luke’s father in order to guide them to cast the one ring into the pits of mordor. As Luke stepped onto the ship his eyes fell to Leia who was great with child. He hoped he would return in time to meet his child, or return at all.

When Luke and Picard boarded the Weatherlight, they met with the shady Teferi Akosa who had claimed to have seen many worlds.

There was a giant metal man next to him. Teferi proclaimed, “His name is Korn!… or something along those lines. Dont mind him. He’ll be joining us on our journey. Ill be your captain.”

Luke noticed that someone was missing. “Where is Harry” he queried. Teferi sighed. “Harry will not be joining us. He got into an argument with his best mate Ron after cucking him. Not to get too into detail, but Harry and Ginny had a bit of fun with Hermione and Ron just had a go at Harry. He will be out of commission for quite some time” Luke and Picard looked at each,other with a knowing grin. They had also both cucked Ron and had their own fun with his wife, but had gotten away scott-free

“MY NAME IS KARN!” bellowed the iron giant, “NOT KORN”

“Yes, yes… Karn. I will remember that,” claimed Teferi. “I doubt so” quipped Karn

“We best be off” Teferi finally said. “Beware there will be beasts beyond your comprehension that you will see aboard this ship. Gigantic, with many tentacles.” Everybody gasped. Teferi continued “oh don’t worry, not the Japanese kind.” And everyone gave a sigh of relief.